Back from the Berlin in Dub Tour…

Thx everyone for a beautifull and exciting tour! The line up worked out well and the shows were great!

Being squeezed with 9 guys (BWW+ Braintheft) in our Van “Bumpy” turned out to be more fun than trouble. We had a day to chill out at Gasuli 04 in Brescia and managed to produce a common track with Braintheft: Watch out for the Brass-Thefts coming ahead!!!!
Can’t wait to get back on the road again…More pictures to be found on our Facebook page

One thought on “Back from the Berlin in Dub Tour…

  1. Jianluka

    Guys! Amazing show in Italy! I came sraight after I heard the radio interview! And you blew me off and brought a music to Brescia that we never heard before! Many thanks and hopefully see you soon on your musical journey!

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